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You know credit repair but having a hard time scaling your business 


A complete automated system to attract prospects & sell solutions, even while you sleep


Run your business on auto pilot, and start making money while you sleep


Attract your ideal client with Free lead generation tools


Revamp your sales and marketing process to identify people that are the most likely to buy

Additional income

Incorporate multiple streams of income into your business with our guide to getting paid kit

time management

Save time on daily repetitive task using automations. Leaving more time for you to focus on marketing

Do You Need Credit Repair Leads?

You are overwhelmed by all the redundant tasks needed to run your business?  Are you having a hard time finding clients and leads? Do You need credit repair leads desperately, and need an easy repeatable process now!

Would you like a consisted marketing strategy  that produces paying clients and an additional source of income?


You don't have thousands to spend on fancy systems and developers

These tools help you to identify people that are the most likely to buy, or those who want to buy but haven’t yet purchased. So that you are not marketing to people who do not want your services.
Then contact them directly with a video message, SMS, email or call via the platform, to help them overcome whatever reason is holding them back. 

Your troubles end here! We’ve created an affordable, easy to do, step by step solution to solve all of your problems. 



Remove Yourself From Your Business and Let Your Systems Do The Work For You

Imagine scaling your lucrative business to the next level. By having the confidence in your systems to optimally perform your company’s demanding, repetitive tasks. Therefore, eliminating yourself. Allowing you more time to delegate and focus ​

Marketing Toolkit

Not sure where to start to attract clients?

Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think.
Use our training and powerful tools that integrate into social media platforms to fill up your lead forms quickly
4Step Proven Process to Scale Your Business

Here's a summary of what you will get

Business Accelerator toolkit

4Step Proven Process to Scale Your Business

Modern Tools to grow your brand!


You need credit repair leads desperately, and need an easy repeatable process now! If you don't know how to advertise and need help generating leads. A lead magnet funnel is simply a funnel where you acquire leads by giving away something in exchange for a persons contact information. We give you gorgeous, high converting lead magnet ebooks that are download enabled so you can drive traffic, give away as many ebooks as you like and let the automation do all the marketing and follow up. Just add your logo and you can generate leads within 24 hrs


You don't have time, patience or skills to piece together different systems. Tired of manually typing data into your credit repair software and you don't have thousands to spend hiring developers or content writers. Email nurturing is the process of building a lasting relationship with your leads by caring for and protecting them as they grow to know more about your business. With a good email nurturing campaign in place, you can educate your leads, create awareness, and build lasting trust that will make it easy for them to convert into paying customers

BONUS: 4 Pack Nurturing Lead Campaign- Done For You!  Just add your company’s info


Automations are designed to do all the redundant tasks that you simply don’t have time for so you can focus on scaling your business. No need to manually type and send emails, sms, invoices, Work smarter by automating everything from scheduling and booking appointments, nurturing leads, onboarding clients, This does it all, with an array of prebuilt workflows that will revolutionize your organization.


Build a passive income stream. The getting paid guide helps you incorporate highly-vetted passive income into your already growing business, by providing tools your clients need to succeed. If you are currently marking $3 per client for credit monitoring referrals, You can make your investment back by completing just 3 free consultations with your clients. Our guide to getting paid shows you how to incorporate up-to 10 different income streams

What Our Clients Say

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Affordable price, quality content. I always wanted Automation in my business but the price was to hefty for a new business owner. Thanks to PFGS Academy, I got that and more.
M. Prestine
The BEST $39 investment EVER!!! The information and gems dropped in this course is worth thousands. Because of PFGS Academy I no longer answer emails, send invoices, or send follow up correspondence to leads. Its now done automatically
M. Sarvis
Just by incorporating the 4 step system in business, I've seen a 100% growth of revenue in the first quarter alone. This course basically gives you the formula to grow. I had no clue I needed this stuff and now it makes sense.
J. Pantoliano

Scale Your Brand Without Breaking
The Bank Your Investment

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Total savings of 99% OFF market retail value!!!

Business Accelerator

  • Prebuilt Automation
  • Guide to Getting Paid
  • Editable Lead Magnet
  • Lead Generation Tools
  • Complete 4 Step Guide
  • Email Conversion Kit
  • 4PC Nurturing Lead Kit

We've helped 10k+ CRO scale their brands!