Millions are searching for solutions to their credit problems

Get paid helping your clients reach their credit score goals

Millions are searching for the answer to their credit problems

Every business encounters customers who don’t qualify for a product due to poor credit. By offering help and an alternative path to improve their credit score, you can add value to your business, build trust, and become the go-to solution provider.


100% access, visibility, and tools to stay up to date with your clients progress

We provide each affiliate  with a  personalized portal to manage your account, send and track referrals. Our exclusive partners may also track each referring clients progress during credit recovery 

We Are Stronger Together

We work together to design strategies and campaigns that promote financial wellness and credit education. Through engaging events and seminars, we can help more people develop a more active financial lifestyle in our communities 

 As ONE the possibilities are endless. 

Increased Engagement and Sales

Increase your reach. Our exclusive partners can  manage leads, track client credit scores and reports, and know when your clients are credit-ready. This allows you to better plan and address partner success, improve client retention, reduce rejection, and increase revenue by converting customers who would have walked away. You can even earn a $$ for every client referral. 

We provide partners with

Better solutions for your client. 

24/7 direct access to a personalized account to track and manage clients. Stay up to date on the latest information, credit scores and reports for your clients.

Access to our programs and tools to make the most out of your partnership

Stay informed with our latest news and community resources, and certify your skills to better serve your customers and community

Serve your customers efficiently with online service tools, , member management access, resources, and latest user and digital guides.

Develop a wining mindset  and increase your productivity in any market. Partnering with Palmetto allows your business, sales, and marketing team to design and deliver high-value business solutions and competitively differentiate your company.

Setting your business apart from the crowd by offering an alternative online service that is safe, secured, reliable, and available immediately for clients who do not qualify for your services or products. Instead of letting them walk away feeling uncertain and hopeless. Providing customers with an immediate financial solution builds rapport, establishes trust, and identifies you as the expert. In return decreasing your denial rate and improving the conversion rate

What Partnering with Palmetto means for your business

Expand your credibility in the community, grow your business, and increase your client base.  Providing solutions to the everyday issue of buyers who don’t qualify for in-house or  partner financing. Overcome financing obstacles and serve a wider range of customers with a competitive financing solutions.

Never Turn Away A Customer

Our dedicated affiliate team is committed to your success. We offer the highest payouts in the industry as well as full tracking

Partner With Palmetto

Increase Your Revenue !

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Join us in assisting Americans who are struggling with credit problems and earn income through our exclusive affiliate program. We offer you the opportunity to advertise and earn commissions. Apply to become an affiliate below, we will follow up with you by email

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