Use Other People Money To Fund Your Start Up

Imagine growing your brand the way you want without spending your own money

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Get Approved For Business Credit

The U.S. economy relies heavily on small businesses. Therefore, there are millions of programs available to help you grow your small business with lenders waiting to help you. However, your business should meet the eligibility requirements.

Credit Worthy

How to structure your business for compliance 

Exclusive Lenders

Get instant access to lenders wiling to extent credit to your business. 

Get Reporting

Learn how to set up your company and recevie business credit reports 

Personal Credit

Learn how to seperate your personal credit from business credit 

The Billionaire's secret

The billionaire’s secret formula to wealth is using other people’s money!  Yes, you read correctly! Other people’s money, to acquire assets and  build wealth. 

Building business credit for you could mean: Bigger credit lines, better credit terms and lower interest rates.

Use the power of business credit to purchase assets, invest in real estate, pay bills, and more! You have to make the money work for you!​

Use business credit to scale your business and pay for advertisement, equipment, or hire the help you need. ​

Access to Cash Capital and Funding

With the right budget, how far could you take your business?  Imagine how much easier your workload would be if you had a payroll budget to hire a team and delegate your work.  Think about how simple it would be if you had a team to take care of your business while you focus on growing it

What will you learn in the Business Credit Blueprint?

If you are a new or existing business owner

Lenders want to know that your enterprise is trustworthy and credible, prior to funding. Trying to apply for funding without following a tested and strategic order will only result in denials.  

What can business credit do for you?


Get the funding you need to build your brand and team


Create additional streams of income and increase your borrowing power


Reach your full potential by delegating your task and grow your team

Business Credit Blueprint

Grow your business using other people's money

Get The Strategic step by step Business Credit Blueprint

Make sure your business is business credit ready with our simple blueprint for success 

"Business credit is spending other people's money to get the things you want. Learn to leverage your business credit and change your life"

How to Invest in your wealth


  • Proprietary Success Tools
  • Guarantee Approval Offers
  • Business Report Listing
  • Access Anywhere
  • Personalized Dashboard

" I was able to incorporate the strategy and take action"

” Business credit to me is like a foreign language.  However, with the help of pfgsacademy, I was able to incorporate the strategy and take action. Since taking the course I’ve been approved for a business auto and investment property, with reasonable rates. “

K. Todd- Entrepreneur

The business credit Blueprint Works